Expansion for Istanbul Announced by AEG and Pegasus Spiele

June 18, 2015 - 1:39pm
istanbul exp Istanbul, designed by Rüdiger Dorn and the 2014 Kennerspiel des Jahres award winner, is going to get an expansion AEG and Pegasus Spiele announced. Titled Istanbul: Mocha & Baksheesh the expansion comes with four new locations and a new resource, coffee, that is the focus of these new locations. Also included are new versions of the existing tiles Wainwright and Caravansary that take advantage of the new resource. To top it all off Guild cards will allow players to explore different strategies during play. I am a lover of efficiency and this I believe is a big reason Istanbul was one of my top games last year and still one of my favorite games to play. I love the race to gather gems, the multiple ways to do so, and the fact that to win you need to be very efficient in how you go about doing that depending on the board set up. It’s a fantastic game and one I highly recommend playing if you haven’t done so already. That said I am very excited for this expansion as new locations will only add to the variety of the board set up and a new resource could significantly change current strategies. Istanbul: Mocha & Baksheesh is due to come out in September/October. You can read the full announcement here.