5th Street Bankruptcy and You

June 18, 2015 - 1:37pm
hyperbole Kickstarter can be a roller coaster ride and sometimes that coaster comes off the rails and crashes into a smoldering heap, the Farmageddon kickstarter is unfortunately one of those heaps.  While all seemed well and good, as the process from kickstarter end to delivery of the game progressed, 5th Street games for one reason or another was unable to remain solvent and thus declared bankruptcy.  As time has passed and people have received notices in the mail about the bankruptcy, the designer of Farmageddon, Grant Rodiek, has decided to write a blog post about what the bankruptcy will mean to the backers of Farmageddon and the potential for a second edition in the future.  One thing to note is that while 5th Street Games had rights to publish the game, with their bankruptcy the rights fall back to the designer and thus frees him to seek other companies to publish his game.  So if you were hoping for a nice print edition of Farmageddon, that hope is not lost.