Arcane Wonders Announces Mage Wars Academy

June 17, 2015 - 10:16am
mage wards academy Arcane Wonders announces a new addition to their successful Mage Wars family, Mage Wars Academy.  As a standalone game system, this new version of Mage Wars will be fully compatible with all other members of the Mage Wars game family.
Academy is designed with both new and existing players in mind.  New players will find it the perfect “jumping on point” to the rich and vibrant Mage Wars® universe.  Experienced players will be excited to find new spells that are all compatible with Mage Wars® Arena, offering them new options in their battles.  In addition, both player types will find Academy fast paced, strategic, and portable to take their duels wherever they want!
mage wars academy setup The Academy Core Set is for 2 players ages 14 and up and plays in about 30 minutes.  Each Core set includes:
  • Two 4-Pocket Portfolio Spellbooks
  • 2 Status Trackers for life and mana tracking
  • 1 Initiative Marker
  • 2 mages (the Beastmaster and Wizard)
  • 2 Mage Ability Cards
  • 131 new Spell Cards
  • 2 Quickcast Markers
  • 6 Attack Dice
  • 1 Twelve Sided Effect Die
  • Condition Markers, Damage Counters, Guard Markers, and Tokens
Mage Wars Academy will be available in limited quantities at GenCon 2015, and plans for a full release in late September or early October.  For more information on this new set, visit the full product description here.