Now on Kickstarter: Monster Truck Mayhem by Greater Than Games

June 17, 2015 - 12:11am
monster truck mayhem Greater Than Games (GtG), responsible for hits like Sentinels of the Multiverse,  has brought Monster Truck Mayhem designed by Ben Pinchback & Matt Riddle to Kickstarter.
SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Monster Truck Mayhem is invading the SuperMegaDome! Brought to you by Ridback Pub, 101 The Animal, and Big Al’s Sound Emporium, this thrill show spectacular will BLOW YOUR MIND! All your favorite trucks and more will be there… AND SO SHOULD YOU!
Monster Truck Mayhem is a real time dice rolling game that has 2-5 players racing monster trucks through an obstacle course. This is a competitive game that will have players rolling custom dice to move 1-3 spaces. The dice have two special symbols on them a ‘Tire’ and a ‘Boost’, roll three ‘Boost’ symbols and you get an extra movement, roll three ‘Tire’ symbols and you can cause another player to spin out. monster truck mayhem board There are 6 trucks for players to choose from, each with a different special ability. A few examples are: Big D - can move forward three spaces without rolling dice with the Drive Angry! Mayhem ability. Cthulhu Crusher - can make other racers go insane during a race forcing them to move backwards instead with the The Insanity Roll. Valkyrie - can move 5 spaces instead of three when players roll three ‘Boost’ symbols. Truckdor - uses a special Fire Die with a wild side that can be used as any other die face. An interesting twist on this project is that there will be no stretch goals, instead GtG has ‘unlocked’ them all at the start of the project and there is only one pledge level making backing this project a very simple process. Additionally they are including a free expansion with the base game during the Kickstarter. The expansion includes 2 more trucks to choose from as well as rules for multi-lap races that will allow players to upgrade their trucks. Monster Truck Mayhem certainly looks like a great time in a box, with real time competitive play and take that elements this game could be a big hit with players that enjoy quick playing real time games. I would expect lots of shouting and laughter as you play this one. Not only fun it will look great on the table with art by Benjamin Raynal who also illustrated King of Tokyo as well as Jeff Brown and Chris Kirkman. If you’re interested in a fast, fun, crazy, real time dice rolling extravaganza, are a Monster Truck Fan that can’t afford your own real life truck to race, or just enjoy the frenzied excitement that this game will bring into your life then you should check out Monster Truck Mayhem on Kickstarter here. For more information on Monster Truck Mayhem check out the BGG entry here.