Coming Soon: Rolling America by Gamewright

June 17, 2015 - 10:18am
rolling america Last year a little game out of Japan called Rolling Japan became a hit with indie gamers. It is designed by Hisashi Hayashi who also brought us hits like Trains, Sail to India, and many others. Rolling Japan quickly sold out and was never published in America. To this day gamers are going to extreme lengths to find this gem of a game. Well no longer will you have to work so hard to find the gameplay of Rolling Japan. Gamewright has announced Rolling America will be rolling out to stores across the USA and beyond. Gamewright has brought us other compact dice games like Qwixx and Go Nuts and Rolling America fits right in with these compact dice games. Rolling America, also designed by Hisashi Hayashi, has the same game play as its predecessor Rolling Japan. Each player will try to fill a map of the United States with numbers they roll on a series of dice. However each state (block) cannot have a number different by more than 1 than the number in its neighboring state(s). Filling up these blocks requires careful planning and some luck and whomever completes their map with the least mistakes will take the win.
“The game is a fully immersive visual and mental challenge, since everyone plays at once. It also makes an excellent complement to Qwixx, which has quickly risen to become one of our top selling dice games.”
Rolling America is sure to be a hit like Rolling Japan is and will be widely available in the Fall of 2015. So if you like quick challenging dice games be sure to look for it in your FLGS/OLGS.