Arcane Tinmen Announces Next Expansion for The Spoils TCG

June 17, 2015 - 10:35am
small_spoils_logo2 Hot on the heels of The Spoils winning the fan favorite award for trading card game at Origins 2015, Arcane Tinmen has announced the next expansion for the card game, Seed Saga, the Descent of Gideon.  The Spoils is a trading card game incorporating elements of Magic and Magi-nation while still adding it own ideas like faction specific abilities and actions, making it an award winning stand out from the typical TCG fare.  The object of the game is to take your opponent down to 0 influence through clever card play and strategy.  Cards come in the form of Characters that can be used to attack the opponent, Locations and Items that bring continuous advantages to the table, or Tactics that are one-time use cards with powerful effects. Seed Saga is a 350 card set that continues to expand the universe with 50 brand new cards as well as alternate art cards for fan favorite from previous sets.  You will be able to purchase 14 card booster packs of the new set when it releases on August 22nd or you can pre-order packs from retailers that carry The Spoils TCG.  Head on over the The Spoils site to find a retailer near you.