A Look at the Game Design Process of the Bamboozle Brothers

June 13, 2015 - 9:40am
bamboozle brothers As part of the ongoing Pre-Game series of designer interviews on the game design blog andhegames.com, Andhedrew has posted a very interesting, in depth interview with the Bamboozle Brothers, Sen Foong Lim and Jay Cormier. The design team of Lim and Cormier has created a wide variety of popular games, from the classic worker placement game Belfort to the two player tile placement game Akrotiri to the more recent popular party game But Wait, There's More! bamboozle work life In this extensively edifying interview, Lim and Cormier provide insight into a wide range of game design and game designer related topics, from what feeds their creative drive and what their favorite prototyping materials are to how they handle the life/work balance" (according to Sen Foong Lim: "Sleep is for the dead.") and what their process is for turning an idea into a final product - "We make a super rough prototype and push some pieces around to see if and where the fun is! Then we follow the fun." If you have any interest in designing games, or just in what it's like to be a game designer, definitely check out the whole interview here. And take a look at the rest of the series, as well!