Now On Kickstarter "Commissioned" by Chara Games

June 13, 2015 - 11:35pm

Chara Games launched their first Kickstarter campaign for "Commissioned".  This cooperative game is set around the history of the early christian church following the struggles that were faced by the members of the early church. While this does possess an overtly christian theme it is not overly preachy.  I actually was able to play this game at Origins 2014 along with Sam Healy you can see his preview here.  This is meant as a good representation of the events that happened surrounding the early church instead of proselytize.   I appreciated that this game does not sacrifice solid game play mechanics just to have its theme. At the time of printing this game is is funded and has had its first stretch goal unlocked and is creeping up on its second stretch goal to be unlocked.  Of note the stretch goals in this campaign add additional content and scenarios which should make this game have even more replay-ability.  Having played this game I can assure you it is production ready.  They have allotted a good amount of time for production which should allow any new scenarios to be fully fleshed out and playtested before there inclusion in the production copies. If this project interests you visit the Kickstarter page here.