Fantasy Flight Announces Razorwings Reinforcement Pack for Battlelore 2E

May 31, 2015 - 10:52pm
“The Flesh Ripper Brutes won’t be able to reach us up in that cavern.” The Citadel Guards climbed and scrambled into the pitch-dark space and paused in the entrance, catching their breaths before turning to look into the darkness. Three pairs of glowing red eyes were glaring at them. Before the guards could shield themselves, three pairs of claws were digging into their flesh.
Razorwings have been announced by Fantasy Flight as the next reinforcement pack for Battlelore 2nd Edition and they can be used by any faction. Inside the pack you will find three very cool looking miniatures and the cards needed to use them as well as a new hex tile (cavern), three new lore cards, and a pre-built scenario that introduces a day and night mechanic. With a range equal to a Roc Warrior and as formidable as Flesh Ripper Brutes in combat these new units sound very tough indeed . Their two lore cards also add a lot with one able to extract revenge after a friendly unit has fallen and the other adding dice to a friendly units combat roll depending on the terrain they occupy. The cavern hex tile ands some changes to the board and will replace one of the hill tiles when a player musters the Razorwings. They offer protection shielding from ranged attacks and are the lair of the Razorwings so if you want to attack them while they are there you need to venture close enough to attack. The pre-built scenario, A Shot in the Dark, showcase these new units capabilities and have players alternate between night and day. At night the Razorwings come out and attack and during the day they retreat to their cavern lairs so cannot be attacked by ranged units. Worse yet if one Razorwing is damaged or killed at night another full strength one appears to assault them.
A Shot in the Dark, in which the Daqan forces must traverse hostile territory, fighting against both the Uthuk Y’llan and the ravenous Razorwings in the black of night. Whether you use the Razorwings in this scenario or harness them in other battles, their savage and sudden assaults bring new tactical possibilities and fresh terrors to your games of BattleLore.
Razorwings not only look awesome they are going to be pretty tough units in battle not to mention the cavern tile should lend itself to be pretty useful. Add in their lore cards and these new units are sure to be a hit. Check out the full announcement here for all the details.They are available for pre-order now and I'm sure they'll be showing up soon in you OLGS/FLGS so keep you eyes peeled for them to show up.