New from Geek Chic: Dropship Gaming Tables!

June 1, 2015 - 5:49pm
Shortly after starting this hobby I first heard about Geek Chic gaming tables and knew I wanted one. Expertly designed and lovingly crafted these are a true heirloom piece of furniture. A lot of folks have grail games well I have a grail table and that is a Geek Chic gaming table. Now they have announced a new set of tables called the Dropship line that are designed to be more affordable, easier to ship, light weight, and already made! My grail table may soon be within my grasp!

The first in this new line is called The Next Level Card Table, a lightweight table made for small to mid size board and card games. It comes in two sizes 3'10" square or 3'10" x 2'6" rectangle that are designed to set up and break down easily. This new line is a lot more affordable and comes standard with some cool features like: Choice of hardwood - North American Cherry, Hard Rock Sugar Maple, or Black Walnut. Game vault system - a 1.25"  dropped in play surface that comes with a cover to keep your game safely stored underneath when it's time to pause. Geek Chic Roll Out Game Layer - a padded neoprene surface to play your games on. Clear Acrylic Layer - A wet/dry erase capable surface you can place your game boards under and write on to keep track of scores, damage, etc. Geek Chic Rail System - Their signature rail system to attach accessories to things like... Locking Cup Holders - Four slide lock cup holders that attach to the rail system around the outside of the table. So if you're looking for an amazing quality table and don't have the room, tend to move a lot, or want a more portable table then this could be the answer you are looking for. They are available for pre-order now and expect to be shipping starting in July. If you're interested get in line behind me here.