Now Available From IELLO "Welcome to the Dungeon" and 3 "Guardian Chronicles" Expansions.

May 31, 2015 - 10:38pm
Iello has announced four new releases are now available including three expansions to Guardians’ Chronicles and Welcome to the Dungeon a mini dungeon crawler.

In Welcome to the Dungeon 2 - 4 players will send their characters into a dark and dangerous dungeon. They will either draw a monster card on their turn or pass and will be out for the round.  If they draw a monster card they have to either add that card to the dungeon pile or place it face down in front of them removing one of the pieces of equipment the hero for that round has. Cards will continue to be drawn until everyone but one person passes. The remaining player must then take the hero through the dungeon cards and either defeat the monsters in them with the equipment they have left or take their value in damage. If the hero makes it through the dungeon the player will draw a victory card if they fail twice they are out of the game. The winner of the game is the either the first person to score to victory cards or the last player left in the game. Welcome to the Dungeon from designer Masato Uesugi is a quick, simple, and fun push your luck game. It has great illustrations by Paul Mafayon. You can watch a review of it by Tom Vasal here or the Game Boy Geek here. It's definitely worth looking for at your FLGS/OLGS.

Also available are three expansions to Guardians' Chronicles a miniatures game that allows players to play super heroes or their arch nemesis Professor Skarov. They expansions are:
  • The Terror Trio - introduces a trio of supervillans: Voltage, Nuke, and Iron Turtle as well as additional tiles like a raging volcano and a polar landscape.
  • Night Squad - adds four new heroes: Lieutenant Bigfoot, Armor, Night Vigilante, and Quickshot as well as two trap cards.
  • True King of Atlantis - adds a new threat to the game: Aquarion whom you can ally with Professor Skarov or allows players to plunge into the depths of Atlantis.
If your looking to expand your game of Guardians Chronicles or if you are just hearing about it now and want to get a copy then head out to your FLGS/OLGS and look for the base game and/or these new expansions today. You can read Iello's full announcement here.