It's a Fake! Bruno Fadutti adds counterfeits to the world of mystical relics with Warehouse 51

May 29, 2015 - 10:16pm
Who wouldn't pass up a crack at owning the original Hammer of Thor, Mjölnir? Unfortunately, there's an awful lot of convincing replicas out there. You'll find the same dilemma in Bruno Fadutti's new Warehouse 51. In this small-box auction game, players are trying to grab as many genuine mystical relics as they can from the U.S. Goverment's long-predicted bankruptcy sale. Once acquired, these relics give the bidders valuable magical powers for use in future auctions. But the catch is that like any bankruptcy sale some of the merchandise is dubious at best and ability to prove authenticity is somewhat ethereal (like many of the artifacts themselves). Some players will know some merchandise is counterfeit but no one knows the whole story, making the feints and bluffs of a typical auction game even more exciting. As always Fadutti offers up an incredibly in-depth report on the development of the game, on which he collaborated with up-and-coming Brazillian designers André Zatz and Sergio Halaban. The trio is previously responsible for the atypical elephant racing game Formula E. The diary is notable for showing a publisher meddling with the theme of a game in a positive way. I think the secret here was allowing Fadutti to take the new theme (which Fadutti insists has nothing to do with the similar television show) and run with it, instead of a publisher just changing the names and art after the finished prototype is handed over. The game will be jointly published by FunForge and Passport Studios. The game will be widely available in 2015. And Fadutti will be on-hand in person to demo the game at GEN CON 2015. For more info, check out Fadutti's blog, just remember to scroll all the way to the bottom unless you are fluent in French. For francophones, Tout va bien.