Builders of Blankenburg on Kickstarter Now

May 27, 2015 - 10:33pm
builders of blankenburg The Builders of Blankenburg by designer and project creator Peter Schultz is now on Kickstarter. In the game 2-5 players will compete to build up the town of Blankenburg attracting citizens for a steady stream of income and earning prestige with the count.
 The year is 1123. A new count has arrived to oversee the surrounding countryside. As word spreads, people have begun to flock to the settlement. The time is right for Blankenburg to expand into a flourishing town. In the Builders of Blankenburg, you are one of many people working to build up the town and earn prestige in the eyes of the count. Prestige is earned by building structures throughout the town, but to do so you’ll need enough silver to purchase the proper resources with which to build. Pay attention to the citizens of the growing town. If you build what they’re looking for, you’ll have a steady stream of income. Builders of Blankenburg introduces the novel citizen track, an ever increasing populace who seek different places to live and work, while also serving to determine the length of the game. But beware, new events and visitors each turn can disrupt your best laid plans. Make your imprint on Blankenburg to become its most prestigious builder and earn the key to the town!
Each turn of the game will have four different phases:
  • Bidding: Players will bid on available resources.
  • Building: Use your resources to build structures.
  • Income: All Citizens will pay to stay somewhere, if you have a structure that is in demand you will be sure of a steady source of income. An event will happen in this phase as well that could off players an opportunity or could cost the player money and possibly prestige.
  • Market: Players will have an opportunity to purchase limited resources at fixed prices as well as plans that are used to build new structures.
builders contents Players will start the game with a character card that gives them a unique advantage and the game ends when the town is fully built or new citizens that arrive have no place to stay. The game has some great art by Liz Stephanoff and is worth checking out so if you enjoy building and/or auction games I would head over to check out the Kickstarter project for Builders of Blankenburg you can even make an appearance in the game at the right pledge level.