Last Day on Kickstarter for a Dice Masters Storage Solution

May 22, 2015 - 10:36am
DSC_0016 Looking for a storage solution for all of your Dice Masters and Quarrior sets, then look no further - Zen Bins is here to solve your problem! Zen Bins is a plastic storage solution that is composed of stackable trays - each holding 50 die and a couple dozen cards each (sleeved even!) They come in multiple colors and, as pictured above, Zen Bins is working to develop a carrying case so that you can transport them. The case is designed to hold several dozen trays AND hold your play mats. DSC_0019 Their newest iteration is smoke-colored of a great quality plastic. Both durable and sleek. They even offer lids and base trays to hold all your assistant and dice bags. Head on over to Kickstarter here to pick yours up during the last day of their campaign!