Fantasy Flight Preview: The Gameplay of Drakon

May 22, 2015 - 10:39am
drakonFantasy Flight has posted a new article: Enter the Labyrinth that gives you a preview of the game play for their upcoming reprint of the game Drakon. Designed by Tom Jolly Drakon was first released in 2001 with a second and third edition making a quick appearance in 2002 and 2006 respectively, this latest printing is the fourth edition and contains artwork by Andrew Navaro and Brian Schomburg. drakon board In Drakon players are caught attempting to steal gold from a dragon's hoard, and if you know anything about dragons that is never a good idea. As luck would have it she isn't that hungry and has decided to let one of you escape with your life and who the lucky one will be is up to the players to decide.

The great dragon, Drakon, has captured you in the act of stealing from her treasure hoard. Rather than eating you and the other heroes immediately, however, Drakon proposes a cruel test. You must compete to collect gold, and only the hero who first succeeds will escape. Every hero who fails will be devoured.

In Drakon, you and up to five other players take the roles of these unlucky heroes. You must race through the dungeon, avoiding the prowling dragon and grabbing gold, even as you sabotage your opponent’s plans. 

During play 2 - 6 players will either add a tile to the dungeon from their hand or move their miniature from one tile to another. The tiles have arrows printed on them that indicate which direction the player is allowed to move. Tiles can be placed to help you or to hinder an opponent. The tiles themselves usually contain powerful abilities that are activated by entering the chamber and each hero has a unique ability that they will be able to use once per game. As players place tiles onto the table an elaborate labyrinth will form that players will traverse while trying to find enough gold to escape. Gaining gold is done by landing on certain tiles that allow players to find a gold or steal one from another player, however each gold coin is valued between 1 and 3 gold their value is hidden so choose wisely. Additionally Drakon herself prowls these dungeon tiles and if she encounters one of the hero's they are immediately sent back to the start tile.

While I have never played Drakon it sounds like a fantastic game and loads of fun. With lots of opportunities to form alliances with other players (sometimes very short ones), some take that game play and a race to be the first to acquire 10 gold I'm sure Drakon will be a hit with a lot of gamers out there. I for one am looking forward to it and if you are at all interested I would head over to the Fantasy Flight website to read the whole article. I for one will be looking for this title to arrive at my FLGS/OLGS.