Preview of New Expansion for Mage Wars Arena - Battlegrounds Domination

May 21, 2015 - 10:54pm
battlegrounds Arcane Wonders has announced a new line of expansions for the Mage Wars Arena game, the Battlegrounds line with the first in this line being Domination.  Battlegrounds Domination is going to focus on the board as well as create a new way to play the game with a new mode, domination, as well as adding more cards and rules for playing up to 4 players. battlegrounds tiles So first on the list of improvements is the board, in this expansion they will include 20 interlocking tiles for you to create your own modular board, and these aren't all just plain tiles.  Some of the tiles have special images on them that can grant special benefits (or detriments) if you decide to play with those rules.  Plus with the modular tiles you are no longer constrained to just a square board, now you can create all sorts of shapes and the rulebook includes guidelines on how you can create your own. The next change is the new game mode, domination.  In this game mode you can still win by straight up destroying your opponent, but now you can also achieve a points victory by collecting enough V'tar to activate the orb for that layout.  Acquiring V'tar can be done through defeating monsters or through new spells added by this expansion.  In addition to counting towards victory, V'tar can be spent to activate special abilities so choose wisely how you will use them. The last addition is additional rules for playing with 3 to 4 players in teams or free for all.  Add in all the additional cards this expansion includes (as well as two first print run only promos if you preorder) and you have a whooper of an expansion. Head over the the Arcane Wonders page to check out more information and preview images as well as to pre-order the expansion.  The official release will be July 2015 but they have an option for early pickup if you are planning on attending Origins.