Dungeon Dice: Colosseum by Potluck Games Now on Kickstarter!

May 21, 2015 - 11:00pm
dungeon dice col Potluck Games has brought Dungeon Dice back to Kickstarter for another awesome expansion called Dungeon Dice: Colosseum by designer Sam Coates and art by Cam Kendell. For those of you who don't know about Dungeon Dice it's an all dice game that has you fighting dice monsters with dice weapons leveling dice up etc.
Dungeon Dice is a competitive, all-dice game with a classic adventuring feel in which players battle monsters and try to collect more dice than their friends. Players equip dice, drink dice potions, and kill dice monsters. If you've killed enough monsters, grab a level-up die. You get the idea. In the game, players take turns drawing monster dice from a bag. To defeat a monster, players roll their dice and compare them to the monster's dice. The totals change as players use abilities and attempt to aid or sabotage one another. With each victory, players earn more dice from bags full of potions, weapons, and magical artifacts. Players race to collect enough impressive dice to gain a claim on the throne, thereby winning the game.
dungeon dice col cont Colosseum will add giant 22mm dice for Epic Monsters, new spells, and more intense PVP combat. Potluck Games has had two previous highly successful Kickstarters for Dungeon Dice, the base game and an expansion called Dungeon Dice: Guilds. Both of these overfunded and included a large amount of stretch goal dice add in the fact that Dungeon Dice has proven to be a fun and exciting game for many players and it's a pretty safe bet that this new expansion will do very well. So if you are already a fan of Dungeon Dice or just enjoy rolling dice, adventuring through dungeons, or dice PVP combat I recommend you head over and check out Dungeon Dice: Colosseum on  Kickstarter now!