Card Types for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

May 21, 2015 - 11:03pm
purge Plaid Hat Games has come out with another great article on their upcoming game Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn this time introducing us to the card types that will be found in the game. Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is an expandable card game that will have 2-4 players battling it out with back and forth action. Featuring short player turns and the ability to react and adjust as the round progress Ashes is coming soon to an FLGS near you. action Ashes has 6 different card types that players will be able to choose from to build/draft their decks (if you choose not to use the pre-built decks) each of which offer their own unique advantages. The types available are:
  • Ready Spells - placed on your spellboard and have a constant or activated effect that can be activated multiple times per game.
  • Action Spells - played during your turn for a one time effect that trigger immediately but are discarded after use.
  • Reaction Spells - cards that are played after a specific event and can be played outside your turn for immediate action against your opponents, to defend yourself, or set yourself up for a strong combo on your next turn.
  • Alteration Spells - spells that are played onto units to alter their status or add/remove an ability. Many of these have the ability to be added back into your hand for a cost.
  • Ally Cards - units that can attack your opponents, typically more powerful than conjured units and can come straight out of your hand.
  • Conjuration Cards - similar to ally units in that they are used to attack your foes. They differ in that they are not in your draw pile and require another card to be summoned however they are also not removed from the game when they are destroyed and could potentially be summoned again.
The article contains more information on each of these types so if you are interested you should head over to Plaid Hat Games website here. shadow counter I have to be honest and say the more information that comes out about this game the more excited I get about it not to mention the fact that with each article comes more examples of the art found in the game by artists Fernanda Suarez and David Richards which is pretty mind blowing. It looks like designer Isaac Vega has outdone himself again with this one and I can’t wait for it to come out. The variety in card types and the way they play certainly look like it will make Ashes really exciting to play not to mention adding an incredible amount of variety to your and your opponents decks. It certainly looks like PHG has another hit on their hands with this one.