Now on Kickstarter from Mach Brothers Games - Vikings of Dragonia

May 21, 2015 - 10:57pm
vikings of dragonia Vikings of Dragonia is a new strategy game being created by Mach Brothers games where you are the head of a viking clan trying to gain the most honor through raiding and attacking other players.  How to play the game is deceptively simple and is summed up nicely on the kickstarter page:
The game is played for an unlimited number of rounds until one player declares 8 Honor Points to win the game. Each round consists of an Action Phase and a Loot Phase. During the Action Phase, each player, starting with the Viking Leader, chooses any 3 Actions.
  • Move your Viking 1 Space, to move to neighboring island or water spaces. Get ready to initiate a battle or claim an island.
  • Move 1 Wild Dragon 1 Space, to move on water spaces and prevent your opponents from collecting loot.
  • Buy 1 Island, to claim an island for your clan.
  • Buy 1 Honor Point by exchanging 25 Viking coins. Get one step closer to becoming the Ruler of Dragonia!
  • Buy 1 Viking, to expand your Viking clan and claim more islands.
  • Buy 1 Power Card, to load up on cards to prepare for the next Fireball Battle.
  • Play 1 Power Card, to initiate Viking Battles, to control the Wild Dragon, and to boost your own powers
Once all players perform their actions, all players collect Viking coins and a Power Card in the Loot Phase. Viking coins are collected based on the islands that the players occupy with their Vikings.  The Viking Leader card is passed to the next player and a new round begins.
vikings of dragonia contents Thats it, seems a bit too simple, but then so does other good gateway style games and there is the possibility for some good depth in this game. Another thing I want to point out is that light-hearted art that gives a cartoony type feeling which adds to the overall feel of the game.  The campaign touts good reviews from Indie Cardboard, Geekdad, and Undead Viking so maybe you could take their word for it.  The game will play 2-5 people, ages 14 and up in under an hour. Head on over to the campaign and pledge, as of this writing they are about 20% of the way to their goal with plenty of time remaining (campaign ends on June 19th).