Carson City Returns! Quined Games Celebrates 10 Years of Games by Announcing Big Releases for 2015

May 20, 2015 - 12:46am
quined logo Quined Games is a small game publisher from the Netherlands, mostly known for its deluxe Master Print editions of acclaimed board games…the collection has included such titles as Trajan, Keyflower, American Rails and Homesteaders. Xavier Georges' incredibly unique worker placement game Carson City was also one of their Master Print (#5) titles, but has remained out of print and hard to find for years. In celebration of 10 years in the game publishing business Quined Games had some big news. carscon city bb Carson City Big Box Edition In mid-June, Quined Games plans to begin a Kickstarter campaign for a new-and-improved Big Box edition of Carson City. This will include the main game, the hard to find expansion Gold & Guns, and finally a brand new expansion entitled Horses & Heroes. For owners of previous editions, there will be a backer level to order just the new expansion. It includes new actions, new character roles and even a sixth player to bring the whole posse together at one table. I've been interested in Carson City ever since I heard Ryan Sturms seminal How to Play Podcast on the game. The combination of straight Eurogame worker placement mechanisms with dice-rolling gun duels has to be experienced to be believed. After playing numerous games online, the interest level for a new printed version has only increased. I have a feeling they will have no trouble finding backers. Haspelknecht box front Haspelknecht Who loves coal mining? Thomas Spitzer does, that's who. To finish off a trilogy of historic coal mining games (Ruhrschifffahrt 1769-1890Kohle & Kolonie) Quined Games will be releasing Haspelknecht. For this game, players will have to get out their figurative shovels and dig as the game explores extremely early 17th century surface mining in the Ruhr valley. Players will have to carefully select actions in order to continue expanding their farms, digging deeper for coal, and fighting the creep of groundwater at the same time. Haspelknect will be released at Essen 2015 as Master Print game #15, simultaneously available in English, German, Dutch and French. Xanadu Box Front Xanadú If neither of these games sound like your cup of tea, Quined Games' other new release Xanadu comes from an entirely different direction. From Colombian designer Javier Velázquez, Xanadu was originally released in 2012 by Azahar Juegos, but will be the first "Master Print Pocket Game" in Quined Games' line. Players will place workers on cards to make the best buildings to satisfy Kublai Khan, while also working to sabotage their rivals. This is a faster game, taking under an hour to play, and features new art from Konstantin Vohwinkel. A release date has not been announced.