Now on Kickstarter from Queen Games - Shogun Big Box Edition

May 20, 2015 - 12:35am
shogun big box Big box editions are the way companies seem to go as they reprint older games with expansions and this one for Shogun is no different.  Shogun, released in 2006, is an area control type game where you are a lord in feudal Japan vying for control of the south in order to build the greatest empire (and score the most points).  This will be accomplished through various actions and card play along with the use of the cube tower.  The cube tower is an innovative way of combat resolution where the number and color of cubes you put in most likely will not be what comes out thus making sure that some battles will not go the way you think they will. shogun big box contents In the big box will be the Shogun game, 4 expansions, and 452 wooden meeples and tokens to replace the cardboard chits and wooden cubes of the previous edition.  Now some of you may be wondering why I said four expansion as only two have been released for Shogun, well two new expansion for Shogun will be released with this big box expansion adding even more to the game. You can pledge to the campaign here and they offer pledges to get the big box edition or just the new expansions and wooden bits.  Campaign ends on June 3rd and as of this writing they have already well surpassed their funding goal.