Information On Martin Wallace's "Ships"

May 20, 2015 - 12:28am
ships More information has come out about Martin Wallace's new game "Ships".  This title is very much the spiritual successor to his game Automobile.  Bearing many of the same game characteristics and mechanics from Automobile this game will have you playing the part of a shipping magnate over time. This game presents with less complexity in learning the game but will have you making much more meaningful decisions throughout the game and likely will require you to develop deeper strategies.  You will have to make strategic decisions about where to put your resources whether it is building up the power of your ships, putting out diverse sets of goods or going for the quick buck to fund your engine. ships cards Each round consists of two phases the first you choose to either take a card or perform some commercial operation.  In the second phase you will be placing, moving, or retrieving a ship. like many Wallace games these simple choices will become tenuous and will inevitably require you to make some very hard decisions. To read the designers full write up on this game head over to their site here.