Now on Kickstarter - Karnivore Koala

May 16, 2015 - 12:00am
karnivore koala I'm sure you've all wondered at some point - what would it be like if the world ran out of eucalyptus? Well, if you haven't wondered, Voodoo Games has thought about it for you, and they've come up with a game about it! Karnivore Koala is set in a post-eucalyptic world where 2-6 players play as Koala tribes hunting mutant animals for their 3-course meal.
This game is for all of you that like a fast-paced strategic card game combined with the ever so unsatisfying randomness of dice rolls, mixed with backstabbing friends and most important: Karnivore Koalas!
karnivore koala board The game contains cards and dice - cards for your koala tribe and the mutant animals you are hunting, and dice for special effects. Players can place 3 cards in their tribe each turn, and then they can roll 5 dice, discarding cards to reroll. The dice symbols are assigned to the koalas and give special effects. Also, you can use Backstabbear cards to interact with the competing tribes. The first player to hunt an appetizer, main dish, and dessert wins the game. The Kickstarter is priced in Euros, but there's a convenient conversion on the page. Also, it's free shipping worldwide, which is rare for a Kickstarter. If you're interested in some kute Karnivore Koalas, shipping December 2015, check out the Kickstarter here.