Now on Kickstarter from Studio 4am - Elemental Lotus Dice

May 16, 2015 - 10:28pm
elemental lotus dice I really enjoy a fancy set of dice and these don't disappoint.  This campaign is for some beautiful opal style d6 dice with four different elements on them along with a nice satin-looking dice bag that matches the aesthetics of the dice.  Numbers are printed on the dice instead of pips and the four elements included are verdant, azure, crimson, and flare (green, blue, red, and yellow respectively).  There is not much to the campaign since it's just for dice but it does include a good number of pictures so you can clearly see what the dice will look like.  Pledge levels start at 4 dice and go all the way up to 25 and keep in mind shipping as these are coming from New Zealand. Head over to the campaign here and pledge, as of this writing they are fully funded and the campaign will end on June 10th.