Fantasy Flight Discusses Plots in Game of Thrones 2nd Ed

May 13, 2015 - 8:37pm
game of thrones card game stuffRecently we posted about how Fantasy Flight Games was releasing a second edition of their popular Game of Thrones LCG. Well, FFG digs a bit deeper into plots and what part they'll play in the new release.
The plot that you select each round is critical for several reasons. It contributes several important numbers that determine income, initiative, and the power of your challenges, as well as offering a powerful effect that can give you a sudden advantage. The first number on the plot card is the gold value, which represents the gold dragons that swell your coffers for this round. For example, Wildfire Assault (Core Set, 26) has a gold value of four, as you can see below. If you choose Wildfire Assault as your plot card at the beginning of the round, you will collect four gold dragons that you can spend to play characters, locations, attachments, and events. feast for crows Most plot cards also feature an ability or tactic that shapes the coming round. With Wildfire Assault, you unleash a devastating storm of wildfire against every player. When this plot is revealed, each player must choose up to three characters that he controls. All characters not chosen are killed! If your opponent starts to marshal more characters than you can handle, you may launch a Wildfire Assault to restore some balance. Other plots offer different game-changing effects. For example, if you’re close to victory, you may play A Feast for Crows (Core Set, 2) in an attempt to clinch the victory.
To read more about plots as well as conspiracies, head over to FFG here to read the entire article.