Atlanteans - the First Faction Expansion for Imperial Settlers

May 12, 2015 - 1:36pm
atlanteans This weekend I enjoyed a game night with 4 other people, and we played Imperial Settlers. This game is a fun card-based empire building game. In the game, players choose one of four factions - Barbarians, Romans, Egyptians, or Japanese, and use the common and special buildings to get resources, build their empire, attack other buildings, and score points. The base game contains four factions, each with a different play style, so it plays 1-4 players (in my 5 player game night, I was on a "team" playing as one faction). But Portal Games just announced a new expansion for Imperial Settlers with a new faction: Atlanteans. This expansion will bring the play count to 5 players, making it more versatile for your game nights! The Atlanteans expansion doesn't just add a player - the Atlantean faction is also very different from the original factions. They have a new resource, Technology, which unlocks special abilities on their faction cards. They also have unique ways of scoring, but their faction buildings sink at the end of the game and do not score any points. This is huge, since usually faction buildings cost two points each at the end of the game. The expansion will also include expansion cards for the original factions to complement the Atlantean abilities. Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans will debut at Gen Con 2015 in July, and will be in distribution worldwide in August. To learn more, read the announcement here or check out the Atlanteans page on Portal Games's website.