Now on Kickstarter: Swamped: A Game of Adventure, Secrets, and Deadly Peril

May 8, 2015 - 1:40am

Deep in the heart of a dangerous swamp lies a rare herb that you and your teammates aim to collect. You're on a time limit, you need to get out of the swamp before night fall but there's only one boat and each member of the team has a different idea on where they should go. Deeper and deeper you push into dangerous territory collecting the precious natural resources you came here for...the only question is have you gone too far? Well you can find out when you play Swamped by Bellwether Games and designed by Ben Gerber with art by Jonathan Logan Clark. Bellwether Games is the same publisher of the recently released game Antidote and Drop Site.
Swamped A semi-cooperative game of adventure, peril and Treasure where players are moving through a swamp searching for a rare herb that can cure diseases. Each player takes a turn steering the boat to find the herb. But the swamp has many other treasures as well so players may try to steer the boat away from its intended goal to increase their own wealth.
Swamped plays 2 - 4 players and takes about 30 minutes but what makes this game really interesting is all the players will be sharing the same boat. Not a big deal when you have a common goal of collecting a rare herb, but add in the fact that each player has a secret objective as well and may lead the boat deeper into the swamp to collect what they need and making it more difficult to get back by nightfall makes the game much more exciting doesn't it. That's not all for this big game in a small package though; the game is a mere 35 cards and 2 pieces but there is a variable game map that expands as the game is played, most cards have variable uses and orientations, and to top it all off a surprise ending. With the objectives being secret no one will know for sure who will win!

Swamped is not only a great looking game but it is also doing something with Stretch Goals that I personally haven't seen on a Kickstarter yet. Swamped has stretch goals and every copy of the game will come with those but what’s unique about Swamped is that what those stretch goals are will be decided by the backers! Backers will vote in the comments about what stretch goal they want to see next, then when one is reached those votes will decide which stretch goal is up next. There are multiple tracks for the stretch goals like upgrade components, art variants, even expansions and upgrades if enough is raised. A very unique and interesting twist if you ask me. So head on over to Kickstarter and check out Swamped and if you decide to back it, like I did, don't forget to vote on your choice of stretch goals.