Storage Solution for Dice Masters & Quarriors on Kickstarter

May 5, 2015 - 10:16am
DSC_0158 (Med) There's a Kickstarter going on to raise money to fund a project to create some really exciting storage trays for dice and card games; specifically tailored towards the popular Dice Masters and Quarriors series. Zen Bins has already raised more than enough money to fund the project so there should be no worries as to it funding. For a very minimal cost, you can get in on the campaign and receive enough trays to hold a hundred dice and quite a few cards.
This core set comes to a Total of holding 100 collectible dice and approximately 160 unsleeved cards (80 Standard Card Game Size Sleeved).  The top layer serves as the lid but you can keep stacking and it turns into a bin as well. **This makes it so 2 sets (6 bins) will increase your storage capacity to hold 250 dice and 400 unsleeved (200 sleeved cards**
  • 3 Bins– 100 Dice + 160 Unsleeved Cards (80 Sleeved)
  • 6 Bins – 250 Dice + 400 Unsleeved Cards (200 Sleeved) 
  • 9 Bins – 400 Dice + 640 Unsleeved Cards (320 Sleeved)
  • 12 Bins – 550 Dice + 880 Unsleeved Cards (440 Sleeved)
  • 15 Bins – 700 Dice + 1120 Unsleeved Cards (560 Sleeved)
  • 18 Bins – 850 Dice + 1360 Unsleeved Cards (680 Sleeved)
  • 21 Bins – 1,000 Dice + 1600 Unsleeved Cards (800 Sleeved)
zen bins stackPictured above are personal pics taken illustrating the trays at work. What I find particularly exciting is how the trays hold sleeved cards and more than enough space to hold die to accommodate collecting enthusiasts who like to store multiple copies of their die sets. As many are aware, most DM sets allow for a maximum of 4-5 copies of a die per player per card. These trays hold are designed specifically with this in mind with plenty of room to grow. Not only that, but they're stack-able and lock. The picture at the very top of the article shows a the stack I have displayed out above all locked tight. Having many kids in my family, this is a wonderful solution as they won't easily tip or fall! I strongly suggest visiting their Kickstarter campaign here. There's quite a few stretch goals and some really cool designs to be released as part of the series in the future. You can't go wrong, as the campaign has already funded. This clever and innovative storage solution for DM and Quarriors is going to satisfy your desires for tucking these games away!!