Now on Kickstarter from Darkraven Europe, Orion - Sci-Fi Soundscapes

May 4, 2015 - 11:44am
orion Enhancing your tabletop experience with sound seems to be the new trend, and Darkraven Europe is continuing to expand their library with Sci-Fi soundscapes to help amp up the atmosphere of your next game.  The new collection of tracks includes soundscapes such as flying in a hover car, floating off-world, partaking in various parts of the city, or being in a mech battle.  There are lots of samples for you to listen to and get a good idea what what you are buying and more will be added as the campaign continues.  In total they plan to have at least 26 tracks which will add up to over 6 hours of sound for all your sci-fi/cyberpunk gaming needs.  As more stretch goals are unlocked more tracks will be added and as a bonus they are holding a miniature painting contest with their soundscape libraries as prizes. Head over to the campaign HERE to pledge while there is still time.  The campaign will end May 14th and as of this writing they have raised 78% of their funds so they are well on their way to being funded.