Star Trek: Attack Wing: WizKids Announces Some Changes

May 4, 2015 - 11:35am
star trek attack wing banner WizKids Games has been play testing the Star Trek: Attack Wing miniatures game extensively over the past year, and after testing some proposed changes in the rules structure of the game at the US and Canadian National Championships this year, WizKids has decided to make several changes to the game architecture.  Wizkids believes that these changes will be good for the competitive play community and should bring more variety of factions and ships types to the current environment. In summary, these changes include:
  • Ships with a 360-degree firing arc may only fire their Primary weapon up to Range 2 when firing from that arc
  • Changes in how Spin Maneuvers are executed
  • Fighter Squadrons are now classified as Squadrons, a new type of unit, and bring with them some new rules for play
  • Cards that may be played at any time may only be used between the phases of each round
  • Attacks with Mines may no longer be modified
  • When a card does not have a defined card value it may not be affected or used with cards that require it to have a SP value
  • A new, revised FAQ for easier searching
More detailed information on these game changes are explained on WizKids web site, and can be viewed here.