The Brunos are back with Mission: Red Planet

May 1, 2015 - 11:04am
mission red planet new As you may have heard, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) is releasing a revised version of Mission: Red Planet, which was originally published by Asmodee in 2005. The first edition of Mission: Red Planet was a near flop. Neither the French version or the US version sold well, but after a couple of years it was being called a classic on BoardGameGeek, the board gamers' website. At the 2013 Essen fair (a game trade fair held in Germany), Bruno Faidutti was talking to John Grams from Fantasy Flight games, who asked about interest in a new edition. Grams hadn't played the game, but US resellers had asked about it, and the Brunos were excited to jump on the opportunity. mission red planet proto With the new Mission: Red Planet, the basic system and theme of the game stayed the same. It's still a steampunk themed sci-fi game about colonizing Mars, with a character/action card system mechanic. The one important new feature is the addition of Phobos, the moon where paratroopers can be airdropped anywhere on Mars. During the designing process, the Brunos and Steve Kimball from FFG went over every detail of the game to make the game as good as it could be. The game now plays up to 6 instead of 3-5, and it also has a two player variant designed by Bruno Cathala. Bruno Faidutti leaves us with his one regret - he dislikes the game's name. He would prefer a simpler name like Red Planet or Mars, but since Mission: Red Planet is already well known by its original name, it's too late to change it now. To read more of Bruno Faidutti's thoughts, check out his blog here.