How to Pitch Your Game to Publishers by Isaac Shalev

May 2, 2015 - 9:48am
kind fortress Have you ever wanted to design your own game? If so after you design it how do you get a publisher to pick it up? Maybe you already have a game in prototype stage but are not sure of what to do next. If either of these are true you're going to want to be able to pitch your game to publishers in hopes that they will make your dream a reality. But where do you start? How does one go about pitching a game to an established publisher? Well you're in luck because game designer Isaac Shalev has written an excellent post with all the information you'll need. With everything from what you'll need to get ready for your pitch to the different ways you can pitch your game Isaac has given a lot of information that is valuable to those trying to get published. The article is part of a series of articles that can be found on the Whose Turn Is It Anyway podcast site and can be found here. Good luck on that game and hopefully we'll be writing about it being released here on Dice Tower News sometime soon.