Stronghold Games Announces Year of Survive!

April 30, 2015 - 1:01pm
space attack This looks to be another strong year for Stronghold games with the proclamation of 2015 being "The Year of Survive!".  Survive! one of the core reprints for Stronghold will be seeing a reimplementation and a bundling of 3 existing expansions.  In particular they will be releasing "Survive: Space Attack!" and a number of expansions for it.
“When we were approached by Stronghold Games to design a new game based on ‘Survive!’, Brian, Sydney, and I were very excited”, said Geoff Engelstein. “The great game of ‘Survive!’ has truly stood the test of time, and has enriched the hobby for a generation. It is a game with a legacy, and one on which we are honored to be working.”
Slated for release around September this announcement reaffirms Stronghold games firm commitment to the core games within their catalog.  This melds both a classic game and the companies strong roots in science fiction including the Engelstein's other games compromising the Space Cadets line of games.
Keep an eye out for further news on the release of this great game and its expansions.
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Publishers description below
Survive: Space Attack! is a reimagining of the best-selling game, Survive: Escape From Atlantis! The redesign of this classic game has been done by Brian, Sydney, and Geoff Engelstein, who have previously designed Space Cadets and Space Cadets: Dice Duel, plus expansions for each of these games, for Stronghold Games. 
In Survive: Space Attack!, players are escaping from a space station as it comes under attack by aliens. While Survive: Space Attack! utilizes similar base mechanics to the original Survive! game designed by Julian Courtland-Smith, additional features of the new game include:
  • Double-sided Game Board: enables a variety of starting setups each with its own challenges.
  • New Fighter Ships: gives players the ability to capture and redeploy alien creatures.
  • Laser Turrets: a new weapon system to defend the space station against the aliens.
  • New Tile Abilities: new powers that are combinable, plus four different tile thicknesses for a 3-D look.
  • New Alien Creature Powers: alien creatures may evolve to become even more powerful.
Survive: Space Attack! – The Crew Strikes Back! is a mini-expansion for the new Survive: Space Attack!.  This mini-expansion will introduce crew members of the space station, each with their own unique power, which will help you escape from the besieged space station. This mini-expansion will contain 20 crew cards. Survive: Space Attack! – 5-6 Player is another mini-expansion for the new Survive: Space Attack!. This mini-expansion will enable players to enjoy the new game with up to 6 players. This mini-expansion will contain 20 new Spaceman tokens.
Survive: Dolphins & Squids & 5-6 Players…Oh My! is an expansion for the original game Survive: Escape From Atlantis!. This expansion contains the components and gameplay modules that have been available previously in three separate mini-expansions.  Each of these modules can be added separately into the play of the original Survive: Escape From Atlantis! or they can all be combined into one big game:
  • Dolphins & Dive Dice: adds the chaos of ‘Dive Dice’, but also the helpful Dolphins to ward off creatures.
  • The Giant Squid: adds the Giant Squid creature, which can attack the Explorers on land or in boats.
  • 5-6 Players: enables players to enjoy the original game with up to 6 players.