GMT Games April Update

April 27, 2015 - 8:24pm
gmt logo GMT Games, publisher of Twilight Struggle, released their April update. The update starts off by mentioning their digital port of four of their games. The four games mentioned are: Dominant Species, Twilight Struggle, Space Empires, and NightFighter. All four of the games are in their playable form and their order mentioned is their intended order of release. The Twilight Struggle port should be out this summer, with Dominant Species expected release by end of May 2015. dominant species With Dominant Species so close to releasing, GMT Games shared some more detailed information. They start off by mentioning that multiplayer will not be available upon release, but that it will be soon after the release. Also, if you owned the previous version of the digital game, this version will be a free update. The new version will sell for $6.99, but you can still buy the original app for $4.99, so if you know you want to play the upcoming updated version go ahead and purchase the original now. If you have been wondering what the status is for the Twilight Struggle Collector's Edition Kickstarter, GMT shared a picture of it. They will be making an announcement in about a month that they will have "x copies available" on a first-come, first-served pre-order basis. So, between these copies and the ones for their Kickstarter backers, these are the only copies GMT will sell of the Collector's Edition. You can check out the rest of the April update here.