How to Make a Game Design Starter Kit

April 25, 2015 - 8:54pm
boards barley banner The folks over at Boards and Barley have posted a series of articles for aspiring game designers about where to find good components for all your prototype needs. You can check out their recommendations for a game design starter kit, with materials sourced from both Amazon and EAI Education, and if you're interested look up their more in depth articles on how to find cards, meeples, chits and dice. game designer
One of the barriers to game design is a lack of components. If you had blank cards sitting around, you would be more likely to start designing a card game. If you had some dice, you might design a dice game. The point is that if you had game design components available to you, then you are much more likely to move your game designs from the Concept phase to the Prototype/Playtesting phase. Today I am listing some of the items that I find most useful in putting together a prototype. The hope is that you can find what you need to move your game design along.
To read the entire article, you can visit Boards & Barley here.