Cannes Ya' Dig It? New Expansions for Colt Express and Lewis & Clark, A New The Little Prince, News From Ludonaute

April 24, 2015 - 10:32am
ludonaute logo Grab your French fries, French bread, French dressing and Pay-roo, we’re going to Cannes baby! Cannes! What, no interest in the glitz, glamor and pageantry of modern film and documentary? Good, because we are going for the board games. The French board game publisher Ludonaute has announced some exciting news. They have several booths at the Cannes Film Festival showing off their goods and previewing some of their upcoming work. colt express 2 Colt Express, which made a huge splash last year for its unique theme and components, is being shown off at Cannes with the 'over-sized version' treatment! Perhaps like the oversized Mayfair games at Gen Con? I look forward to seeing the pictures of this! Colt Express, for those that have not been introduced, sports a 3D cardboard train that caught many eyes. Players play as Old West bandits robbing a train and collecting riches using action cards. In addition to the 'Big' novelty treatment for Cannes display, an expansion is being previewed at the film festival. This expansion will include: - Horses! - Prinsoners - A New Car (not an automobile) - Hostages - Stagecoach - A new way to play: a Marshall vs. all others! This expansion will be released at Essen. discoveries Another of Ludonaute’s popular games, Lewis & Clark, is also discussed in Ludonaute's news release. Lewis & Clark is an American West exploration themed game that features a bit of drafting, a bit of pool building, some resource management and a whole Corps of fun. Now the company is giving L&C the Race to Roll treatment, enter dice. This totally new dice game will be shorter than Lewis & Clark but the decision making is reported to still be deep and fun. The game will be released at Gen Con but a playable prototype will be at Cannes. “The Little Prince” is a French novella published in 1943 which is the most-read and third most translated book in the world (per Wikipedia). Well loved designers Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala gave the story a board game adaptation (The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet) back in 2013 which was published by Asmodee. Now, in anticipation for the new animated feature film based on The Little Prince, the same designers have created a new game. The company has given no detail on how this game will differ but has said it will not require the building of planets this time around and instead include traveling the stars. It will target the casual gamer and families yet still include clever play. The new game can be previewed at Ludonaute’s boot at Cannes as well. So see, even us board gamer geeks could have something to do at French film festivals! Adieu! See Ludonaute’s news article here.