A.L.E.R.T: More Facts about Legendary Encounters: A Predator Deckbuilding Game!

April 24, 2015 - 1:55pm
legendary pred First came Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, an excellent game that put you in the universe of Marvel Comics. Then came Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game, an amazingly thematic game that completely immerses you in the Alien movie franchise. Now we are waiting on the next in the line of Legendary games Legendary Encounters: A Predator Deckbuilding Game which promises to do the same as the its predecessor only for the Predator movies. Until now there hasn't been any information other than speculation on how the Predator game will work but this post on BGG gives us some pretty exciting info, for example a full PVP mode! Plus it will FULLY integrate with the Alien version! Check out the post for all the juicy details.