Kickstarter Tips: Getting Reviews

April 19, 2015 - 12:52pm
league of gamemakers banner Jason Kotarski of Green Couch Games has run a couple of successful Kickstarters (including his most recent, Best Treehouse Ever), each having a large number of quality reviews. He writes an article about the importance of getting good reviews:
In both of these campaigns, I’ve taken time to connect with quite a few quality reviewers that have helped me get the word out about my projects by sharing their thoughts, and at times, even offered ideas that have made my games better! I believe that building and maintaining relationships with quality game reviewers has been a key to my success. best treehouse
In the article, Jason highlights three tips for connecting with reviewers. Firstly, do your homework: find reviewers who enjoy the type of game that you're making. Not everyone is going to like your game, so it's important to get your game to the right audience. Secondly, timing: Jason likes having reviews show up a couple weeks before the Kickstarter launches, as well as some reviews saved for launch day. You need to make sure reviewers have enough time to prepare their reviews, so he suggests giving them a 3 month lead time. Thirdly, relationships: if you build good relationships with the reviewers, they will want to help you with your game. Listen to their suggestions and take them seriously, and you could improve your game. If you're a prospective game designer and want some tips on finding game reviewers, read the full article here. Also, check out the Board Game Reviewer Facebook group (posted in a comment) to find reviewers for your game.