Trouble in Paradise for Cards Against Humanity Owners

April 17, 2015 - 11:37am
Image From Bangor Daily News Image From Bangor Daily News

Over the holidays Cards Against Humanity (CAH) sold a holiday mystery pack and promised to do something big with the money, so they bought an island.  They bought a 6-acre island in Lake St. George in Liberty, Maine for $190,000 and renamed it Hawaii 2: The Return of Jafar.  Then in typical CAH fashion they built a platform with a shed and a safe inside, and inside the safe is a pack of cards which if you can open the safe, they are yours (they are also talking about using the island for a geocaching adventure).  In addition to this they sent a license to each of the 250,000 purchasers of the holiday pack granting exclusive use to 1 square foot of land on the island.  However, the local community and government are not too happy about these arrangements. The community is worried about a massive influx of people into their small town as well as some instances of trespassing from people trying to get to the island over the winter.  The local government is getting ready to fine CAH for excessive subdividing of the land into over 250,000 pieces as well as the location of the shed being too close to the high water line of the island.  You can read the full story HERE from the Bangor Daily News and the article makes no mention of a response from CAH yet on the fines.