Now on Kickstarter from Brotherwise Games – Boss Monster 2: The Next Level

April 17, 2015 - 11:40am
boss monster next Boss Monster is a game where instead of being the hero taking on the dungeon, you are the boss at the end trying to kill those pesky heroes and collect their souls.  You and the other players accomplish this by building your own unique dungeon to attract the heroes, play spells, and generally mess with each other so you can be the best boss monster.  Boss Monster 2 is billed as a stand alone 160 card expansion to the Boss Monster line so you can either play this on it's own or mix it in with the base set and first expansion to have even more variety.  Some new features of this set are dark heroes who can be paid to hurt other players more, hybrid heroes who are attracted to multiple treasure types, and epic spells to help take out those tougher heroes and opponents.  In general this set promises to add more variety as well as more ways to mess with your opponents making it even more interactive. boss monster cards The campaign on kickstarter ends on April 27th with three stretch goals already unlocked.  There are three pledge levels so you can just get the expansion, get a limited edition of the expansion, or get the limited edition expansion with a box to hold all the cards from the entire Boss Monster line as well as a retro game booster pack.  Head over to the campaign HERE to pledge.