Now on Kickstarter: EJiPT

April 14, 2015 - 9:36am
ejipt Laboratory Games, publishers of the popular microgame Province, have now brought their newest game to Kickstarter. EJiPT is a fast and easy racing game where players attempt to be the first to unlock the secrets of an ancient tomb. It plays 2-4 players in about 15 minutes. ejipt comp

EJiPT is easy to learn and plays fast. Players begin with three ankh tokens which are used to unlock the treasure room. On your turn, you'll roll a four sided die, you can then move up to as many spaces as the die roll. Seems easy enough, but the pharaoh's tomb is filled with traps! Each space of the tomb causes the halls to shift and spin and will either move you one step closer to untold riches or towards defeat. Once you’ve returned your ankhs to their rightful places, you can claim the treasure within... if your opponents don't get there first!

EJiPT has no in game language dependence!  If you've translated the rules into another language, let us know!

Check out the campaign here!