New Studio Pretzel Games Launches Flick'em Up!

April 9, 2015 - 8:41am
flip em up There is a new game studio from F2Z Entertainment, the same people in charge of Z-Man Games. This studio, Pretzel Games, will focus solely on producing dexterity games made from wooden components. The name comes from the idea that dexterity games and pretzels go together. From the website:
For as long as we can remember, dexterity games have always been accompanied by a nice big bowl of pretzels and are synonyms of joy:
  • The joy of spending quality time with family and friends, to play and laugh without taking things too seriously.
  • The joy of playing with beautiful game pieces and the sound of two wood pieces when they hit each other.
  •  The joy of impressing everyone with an extraordinary play that defies the laws of physics.
The first game from Pretzel Games is Flick 'Em Up!, a team-based Wild West themed dexterity game where you move and shoot by flicking disks. It looks like a solid first game for the studio, and if you enjoy dexterity games like Terror in Meeple City or Catacombs (which have similar movement mechanics to Flick 'Em Up!), then Pretzel Games is the studio for you. For more information, visit their website here.