Now on Kickstarter: WarQuest by Glenn Drover

April 10, 2015 - 1:34pm
warquest WarQuest by award winning game designer Glenn Drover brings together the design, development, and production team that brought us great games like Railroad Tycoon (aka Railways of the World), Railways of Europe, Conquest of the Empire, and Age of Empires III. It promises to bring an epic game that has a giant 36” by 42” board and will play 45 minutes to an hour per player. 2-4 players (2-5 in the Kickstarter version) will play warlords attempting to reunite the kingdoms of the mythical land of Myrathia using armies of various fantasy races.
WarQuest is a high fantasy/grand strategy game that immerses players in the world of Myrathia where each takes the role of a warlord, seeking to reunite the fractured land under his/her banner. During the game, players will recruit different races (wood elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs and satyrs) to fill their armies, travel across the world of Myrathia, complete demanding quests, engage in ferocious battles, conquer and control strategic regions, and if successful, make themselves ruler of all Myrathia. The game is for 2-5 players and takes 45 minutes to an hour per player. WarQuest is firmly rooted in the theme-driven, dice rolling, engaging fun of big box "Ameritrash" map and miniatures games combined with the advantages of newer gameplay mechanics and concepts that facilitate faster, more balanced and more dynamic gameplay.
warquest map During the game players will attempt to complete quests and conquest cards they hold in their hand. These cards will have each players armies moving across the map resulting in battles with other players so action will be frequent (no turtling). Games will take a pre-determined number of turns allowing the game length to be adjusted as players wish. On their turn each player will be able to take 3 actions. Their choices are:
  • Move an army and resolve any battles if necessary.
  • Buy a power card from one of the 5 available at all times.
  • Take control of a region occupied by your troops.
  • Tax a city under your control.
  • Recruit new troops of a race that lives in a region where one of your leaders is present.
  • Recruit a Lieutenant.
  • Complete a quest.
At the end of each turn an event is played that will affect the game in some way. You can be sure these events will keep players on their toes. Battles are fought with armies that have two lines of troops and reserves and typical take 1-3 minutes. There will be two ranks of troops (5 each in front and back) with the rest of the available troops in reserves to replace the fallen. Each type of troop will have different attack/defense ratings and each race will have different strengths and weaknesses. The Kickstarter version of the game will differ slightly than the retail version as it will add an extra player bringing the total number up to 5. However there are also pledge levels that will add on up to 6 expansions including one that will not be available at retail. Two of these expansions stand out one due to the gameplay and one because it will not be available at retail. The Wraith King expansion adds on some very interesting gameplay and what I think is a great idea for a catch up mechanic. On the 13th turn the player in last place will stop playing as a warlord and instead take control of the Wraith King and an undead army. Their only goal to win the game will now be to destroy every city in Myrathia. The Wizards expansion will not be available at retail and is only included in the top tier pledge. This will add 4 different types of powerful wizards each of which only the player that obtains their power card/item will be able to recruit. WarQuest looks to be a truly epic game that will lead to hours of enjoyment. The team behind it has an enormous amount of experience and has brought some amazing games to market. However this will not be a small quick game. The map alone is huge and will take a whole lot of table space to support it; also the suggested game time is 45 minutes to one hour per player. With a full 5 players that could take over 5 hours to play. For me, I don’t have anything like this in my collection yet and it looks like it will be a great game to add. I’ve been looking for a long epic game to get my hands on and this will certainly fit the bill. I love the idea of commanding armies, fighting battles, conquests and completing quests. Add in the Events deck, highly detailed mini’s, and the Wraith King expansion for a catch up mechanic and I’m in. I am backing this project and if any of this interests you I would highly suggest checking out the Kickstarter.