Now on Kickstarter from Queen Games, Push - A - Monster & Chef Alfredo

April 3, 2015 - 2:12pm
push monster pieces Queen Games is running a lightning fast kickstarter for two new games in their Queen Kids line.  The first is called Push-a-Monster, a dexterity type game which has you trying to fit as many of your monsters on a raised 3D board, while having other players push monsters off so you can score tiles.  Play works by first rolling a die to see which monster you have to add, then using two monster pushers you then push your monster onto the board.  Make sure the entire monster is on the board and then if none have fallen off, play continues to the next person.  The board will get crowded quick and so you will push other monsters off eventually, and when you do, everyone else scores a tile of that monster.  In the end the winner is determined by lining up all your tiles and whoever makes the longest line wins.  Plays 2-4, ages 5 and up. chef alfredo The second game is Chef Alfredo, which is a memory type game where you are trying to put the right ingredients into the right pot.  The game comes with 4 big plastic pots where during setup you will place a recipe disc in the bottom of the pot that corresponds to an ingredient.  On your turn you roll a die and place the shown ingredient into the correct pot, you then get to check if you were right or not so try to keep a straight face.  Other players can call you out if they think you are wrong, and whoever is right will get a tile.  Sounds too simple right?  Well if Chef Alfredo is rolled, two pots swap positions making the memory aspect a bit more difficult.  Once the last ingredient tile is gone the player with the most tiles wins.  Plays 2-4, ages 5 and up as well. For more information and to pledge to the campaign you can go here, but be quick, the campaign ends on April 8th.