Now on Kickstarter from Geekify, RPG Dice Board - A Dice Rolling Gadget for the Modern Age

April 3, 2015 - 2:17pm
dice popper Are you having trouble with your dice going everywhere when you roll them?  Have dice trays failed to keep your rolls contained and off the floor?  Then worry no more as pop-o-matic technology has been brought into the modern age to produce The Personal Object for Producing Rolls (POPR for short).  With this you will be able to roll you dice with just a simple push of your finger.  Plus, with the dice contained inside their domes, you no longer have to worry about your dice getting away from you.  They even improved on the design by adding the ability to change out the dice inside the dome so you can roll anything from a d4 to a d100 with the POPR. Pledges range from a single dome to a full 7 dome board for use in any game that you could think of to roll dice in (and that fit in the domes).  Go to the kickstarter page HERE for even more information and to pledge.  The campaign ends May 1st.