Steve Jackson Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign For "Car Wars Arenas"

April 3, 2015 - 2:21pm
car wars arenas Steve Jackson Games, the makers of Munchkin, have launched a kickstarter campaign for one of their labors of love Car Wars Arenas.  This, like their other kickstarter campaign OGRE Collectors Edition, is a love letter to those that have been playing these games on pencil and paper since the 1980's.  Up until now these games required you to draw maps yourself. As part of this project they are offering the classic Car Wars as well as Car Wars Arenas which is as the name suggests the printed arena tracks.  As part of their campaign they are initially offering 5 maps.  If this campaign hits it s first stretch goal at 75k they will instantly double the game from 5 to 10 maps and additional stretch goals add more maps, some dice, and additional counters for debris and dropped weapons. With the OGRE campaign Steve Jackson underestimated costs on production but made good on their promises and delivered something spectacular to backers.  As I mentioned before this is truly a labor of love and it is pretty clear that SJG wants to deliver something well worth any investment by backers.  As with any kickstarter project there are inherent risks in backing.  But those risks are more likely to be in the realm of delayed delivery in this case than them simply not delivering at all. For full details and to back the campaign head over to the kickstarter page here.