Tabletop Gaming in the News in Bega, Australia

April 1, 2015 - 11:22pm
Picture Found on BDN Web Site Picture Found on BDN Web Site

The Bega District News in New South Wales, Australia has an article highlighting their local game club, the Merimbula Wargaming Society. They spoke to the club members about their recent move to a local country club, the types of games they play (quite a bit more than wargames alone) and their hopes for introducing more people to their favorite hobby (even keeping extra Warhammer armies on hand for new players to use).
Club president Josh Shoobridge said members were open to most board and card games as well. “People just bring along random board games, you’ll have games like Risk, Diplomacy, Werewolves and there is one called Mobsters - it’s essentially games that are a bit alternative,” Mr Shoobridge said. “Primarily we are hobbyists, it accounts for about 90 per cent of us, but things like Magic the Gathering get played too.”
Read the full article and find more information about the Merimbula Wargaming Society here.