Dominion Adventures Card Previews

March 31, 2015 - 9:13am
dominionstrategyheader2 Dominion Adventures, the ninth expansion to the popular deckbuilding game Dominion, was announced earlier this year. Dominion, a card game published in 2008, introduced the genre of deckbuilding into the board gaming world. In Dominion, everyone starts with the same cards, and during the game players can buy cards from a set pool of available cards on the table to add to their decks. With all of the cards introduced through the many expansions, no two games are the same. dominion strategy cards is going to have a preview each day this week with cards from the new expansion. In addition to the single card previews, Donald X. Vaccarino, the designer of Dominion, will be previewing 3 cards from the expansion each day. Today's cards are Lost City, Magpie, and Hero. According to the designer, Lost Cities is a simple, vanilla card. Magpie can turn into a bunch of Magpies, but there are only 10 Magpies total (unlike Rats, a card from an earlier expansion with 20 copies). The Hero is a bit more complicated - it isn't in the Supply. There's a whole chain of cards that you need to exchange through to get to the final level of Champion: Page -> Treasure Hunter -> Warrior -> Hero -> Champion. There's another similar cycle of cards: Peasant -> Soldier -> Fugitive -> Disciple -> Teacher. Although this makes the actual cost of the final card pretty cheap, it's a trade-off with the amount of turns it takes to trade in and upgrade all the cards. To read the full article with Donald Vaccarino's thoughts on his new cards, click here.