Now on Kickstarter: Posthuman by Mr. B Games

March 26, 2015 - 10:01pm

Mr. B Games has teamed up with Mighty Box, a game design studio in Malta, to bring Posthuman to Kickstarter.
In Posthuman you play as one of the last human survivors in a world where nature is reclaiming the planet and our mutated offspring are working to eradicate us. Will you resist mutation and survive, or give in to the inevitable and join the mutants?
Posthuman  takes place in a post apocalyptic world where there are few human survivors, limited resources, and dangerous mutants. Players start as human characters racing through ten different zones to see who will be first to reach to a rumored fortress which holds a group of survivors. They will need to feed, forage for resources, and fight off mutants to make it to the end. Encounters with dangerous mutants along the way will add scars to the players' characters. Scars are recorded in the form of cards and some of the scar cards have mutations on them. After collecting 3 and 4 of these non-empty scar cards the players will make a choice to either remain human or turn into a mutant, if 5 non-empty cards are collected then the player has no choice but to turn mutant. Once turned mutant players will work as a team to work against the human players and if they manage to turn all the human players the mutant team wins the game however the last player to turn into a mutant automatically looses. Players start the game either choosing a default character set up or creating one using the character creation process. The character creation process allows them to choose different stats like Strength, Mind (intelligence), Speed, Melee Combat, and Ranged Combat. Then they will choose skills from a selection determined by the mind stat. Players then purchase starting items (or choose the default if not going through character creation) using food as currency. After their characters are created they are ready to start the game.

The game takes place over turns with each turn consisting of drawing events, simultaneous action selection, trading with other players, encounters, and more. Human players have a set choice of actions to choose from and include Camp, Forage,  Scouting, and Movement. Actions are resolved in order with any mutant players taking turns either when their human targets do or after all human players are done. After all actions are complete players on the same terrain type tiles have the option to trade. Journey points are acquired as players move through different zones facing encounters along the way. As they gain journey points they move up the track getting closer to the fortress but also facing harder encounters. There is no player elimination, when a player reaches either zero health or morale they are penalized and sent back to the beginning to try again. The game ends when one of the human players completes their 10th journey point or the last human player is turned into mutant , remember the last player turned into a mutant automatically looses. Posthuman has a lot going on and due to this you'll have a unique play experience every time you bring this out. There are two review videos on the Kickstarter page and I would encourage you to check them out if this brief overview has you at all interested. So if a post apocalyptic theme, race to the finish and possible team win if players are converted to mutants, incredible variety in setup, and knowing you will never experience the same game twice sounds like a great game check out Posthuman on Kickstarter.