The Catan Team Kicks off the 20th Anniversary of Catan with the Catan Rickshaw Run

March 26, 2015 - 7:32am

It may sound like a crazy idea. 10 Catanimals traveling through the northern part of India on Motor-Rickshaws. But if the reason for such a journey is the support for a great humanitarian project like Childaid Network, that idea may sound a little less crazy.
Mayfair Games would like to announce that this, the 20th anniversary of the now iconic game of Catan, will be a year chock full of surprises and special offerings.  Of these offerings, the first will begin on April 6th, where Mayfair will be teaming up with Kosmos Verlag and Catan GmbH to present the Catan Rickshaw Run 2015. The Catan Team's aim is to divide into 4 teams and travel the country of India via motorized rickshaws (in all 4 player colors from Catan), visiting the less-traveled areas of India that are far-removed from the usual tourist spots.  The teams will include a 10-person Catan Team made up of four members from Mayfair Games, two from Kosmos Verlag of Stuttgart, Germany and four members from Catan GmbH of Rossdorf, Germany.  There will also be international crew, composed of four Americans, five Germans and one French citizen.

They will begin on the west coast of India in the town of Jaisalmer, then travel for two weeks across 2700 km (1677 miles) of northern India, passing through Jaipur, Agra, Kanpur, Varanasi, Patna, Siliguri and Guwahati until they reach their destination in distant Shillong. Through this tour, they will be showing the rest of the world what daily life in these more remote areas is like and the challenges the people of these areas are facing.  This endeavor will be raising support for Cool Earth and Childaid Network, an organization that is "doing an amazing job in the north eastern part of India building and maintaining several humanitarian projects that help street kids as well as setting up schools." To read more about this event, visit Catan's website here.